Jay Lanphere

I have spent the last twenty plus years working in local Law Enforcement.   During my career I was a Field Training Officer, Detective, Self Defense instructor, Firearms instructor and a member of the Critical Incident Investigation Unit. In 2015 I decided to take an early retirement, and move on to other ventures.

My goal is to provide our clients with the best service possible.  With my years of experience, knowledge, and skills, our firm will exceed your expectations at a reasonable cost.  In addition, I have a passion and ability in the area of instruction and learning new skills which can assist you in the area of risk assessments, and security planning.  I would like to utilize these learned skills to enhance the effectiveness of providing quality customer service to all stakeholders.

Highlights of my career:

·  FBINA Graduate Session 228

·  Graduated fifth (5th) in my class while at the Denver Police Academy

·  Developed and implemented a Liquor Advisory Team in which we strive for compliance of local liquor establishments by education, yearly inspections, and partnership with the Liquor Licensing Authority.  

· Apprehended several high profile burglars and assisted in their successful prosecution.  These investigations included several complex felony filings, as well as a RICO filing.

· In 2009, implemented an in-car video policy and procedure.  I worked closely with the vendor from the time of inception to successful price negotiating, installation, and officer training.  This solution allowed us to archive in-car videos for an indefinite period.  This has allowed me to understand the in-car and body cams being used today.

· 2014 I was tasked with researching, writing policy and procedures, and negotiating the purchase of tasers for the Police Department. 

· Earned well over 110 college credits, with a majority of those hours pertaining to law enforcement.  This education has enabled me to be a better person, leader, and employee.

· Served as PIO on Numerous occasions and events.  Most recently was the 2013 Boulder County Floods.

· Have maintained a positive working relationship with many members of the media.

·  Successfully mentored some trouble teens, who are now valuable members of the community

·  Served as an adjunct instructor at Kaplan College, teaching in their Criminal Justice program

·  Served as a substitute teacher at Elizabeth High School as well as Arapahoe Community College

I think you can agree that my skills and experience are valuable to your organization.  I have proven my dedication and I look forward to the opportunities of working for you.  My desire to make a difference is and will continue to be my goal.  Looking for the truth in all things. 


Lanie DeLong

My eclectic background gives me great experience in many arenas and allows me a unique view which I can pull from to build a thorough case.

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA where I attended the prestigious Louisville High School. I was a Biology major at University of Nevada, Las Vegas then transferred to Colorado State University and obtained degrees in Microbiology and Equine Science. I graduated from Highlands Ranch Public Safety Training Institute earning my Colorado POST (Police Officer Standards Training certificate) and became a law enforcement officer for about 9 years. 

I worked as a veterinary technician, orthopedic research assistant at Colorado State University, a horse trainer, a bartender, a Deputy Sheriff (which included working on the K9 Unit, firearms instructor, peer support team, Field Training Officer, policy writing, and worked every shift on patrol), an instructor for active shooter/explosives and threats to public and private entities, a risk assessment advisor and plan creator for threat response plans,  a firearms retailer, NRA firearms instructor, dog trainer, and have several years as a private investigator. 

I still have strong ties to local law enforcement and my experience in understanding how the system works (and sometimes does not) allows me the insight to find information and explain situations to better investigate cases.